Only Emotional Intelligence Can Save Children From Online Gambling

Emotional Intelligence Can Save Children From Online Gambling

The challenges that teenagers go through have evolved with the evolving world. Just a few years back, the common challenges were drug abuse, peer pressure, gang related behavior, and so on. These challenges are still present, but they have also changed in nature and tactic due to the digital era. Today, instead of drug addiction, the teens are being addicted to social media, online gaming, and online gambling.

Virtual Addictions

Only Emotional Intelligence Can Save Children From Online GamblingPresently, teens spend more time with their smartphones, iPhone, tablets, and computer than in socializing and doing the traditional teen activities. Parents have been trying to keep their teenage boys out of the streets or away from certain gangs. Therefore, when they sit in their rooms all they with their computer, some parents think that their children are safe the perceived evils of the world.

However, nothing could be further from the truth. The new evils are on the face of the computer and on the internet. Most of the children are spending most of their time on social media and online either gaming or gambling. According to some social behavior analysts, todays’ teenage boys are more likely to become addicted to online gambling than to drugs.

Reasons for Virtual Addictions

There are several reasons why most teenagers are getting deeper into these virtual vices. The major reason is that these children still experience some of the traditional forms of teenage challenges such as bullying. However, unlike in the past, online gambling and online gaming provide a perfect defense mechanism. They help the teenager to escape their perceived harsh reality to their created virtual reality.

Additionally, the children have been modeled to using online escapism as a self-medicating method. Most parents also use the internet mostly when stressed at work or in their relationship. The children learn this subconsciously. Therefore, the teens engaging in the vice are expressing what they have learned.

Emotional Intelligence Remedy

Only Emotional Intelligence Can Save Children From Online GamblingEmotional intelligence refers to the ability to identify emotions in oneself and in others. After identifying the emotions one can be able to deal better with self and others. Therefore, for the parents and the teacher to succeed in helping their teens to get out of online gambling; they must help them to be emotionally intelligent.

This should involve getting down to the roots of the causes of online addiction. For example, if the cause is stress at school: the children should be empowered in various ways to express themselves. They could also be taught in ways to deal with stress.

The best way to teach emotional intelligence to the kids is to practice it as adults. As parents, when stressed at work, it would be more empowering for the children if the parents expressed their frustrations verbally. They could also request their teens to engage in a workout activity with them as they talk about the challenges in their lives. This would help the teens to subconsciously learn the skills to deal with the challenges in their lives constructively. It would also provide a chance for the teens to learn soft life skills.


The internet, online games, online gambling platforms and other online platforms are here to stay. Therefore, denying children access to the favorite computer gadgets is a short term solution to a deeper challenge. Teaching the children emotional intelligence will take time. However, it will be the only sure way to develop well-rounded teens ready for the challenges of real life.

What Is a Gravity Flush Toilet

What Is a Gravity Flush Toilet?

There are various types of toilets available on the market today. Toilets can be classified according to water consumption, bowl types, design and different other features. However, in terms of flushing systems, they can be classified according to pressure assisted and gravity flush types.

Just like their name, gravity flush toilets mainly work through the force of gravity impacting on the water. This means that they don’t rely on any form of pressure assistance. A gravity flush toilet works through 3 main systems. These are the bowl siphon, the flush mechanism, and the refill mechanism.

The Bowl Siphon

What Is a Gravity Flush ToiletIf you happen to be disconnected from your water tank and the only thing remaining in your bathroom was a bowl, you would still be able to use your toilet. As much as it lacks moving parts, it solves all the problems that a toilet needs to solve. This is made possible by the bowl siphon.

For example, if you fill a bucket with water, and pour it into the bowl, you will notice that the bowl flushes. This implies that almost all the water in the bowl is sucked out. The bowl then produces that distinct flush sound, as all the water disappears down the pipe.

What happens is that, the water you poured into the bowl, was fast enough to fill the siphon tube. As the tube was filled, the rest of the process was automatic. This implies that even if someone disconnected your bathroom water supply, you would still flush your toilet. All you need is a bucket filled with water.

The Flush Mechanism

What Is a Gravity Flush ToiletThe tank on the toilet system acts like a bucket of water that was previously discussed. You have to supply the bowl with enough water and fast enough, to trigger the flush mechanism or the siphon. If you attempt to do that using normal house water, for example piped water coming from a tap, the flush process would not occur.

The tank is more of a capacitor. It contains several water gallons, which takes around 30 to 60 seconds to fill up completely. Whenever you flush, the tank empties and the water hits the bowl in less than 3 seconds. This is similar to the procedure undertaken above, of pouring water into the bowl with a bucket. Your gravity flush toilet usually comes with a chain connected to the handle. Once you push the handle, the chain is pulled; it lifts the flush valve and reveals a 3-inch hole. This hole is the siphon jet.

The Refill Mechanism

Once you dump water into the bowl fast enough, it activates siphon. The purpose of the flush valve and the tank is to hold water and dump around 2 gallons very fast into the bowl. After the tank has emptied, the flush positions itself at the bottom of the tank, thus covering the drain hole. The work of the refill mechanism is to fill the tank fast enough in anticipation of another flush process. The refill mechanism usually comes with a valve, for controlling the level of water in the tank.

Bottom Line

Gravity flush toilets are proven to work. They have been used for many years. Additionally, they are simple to use, maintain, and fix. Their parts are easy to obtain and cheap. Therefore, gravity flush toilets provide an affordable option for a toilet at home.

Best Brands of Gun Safe That People Prefer

5 Best Brands of Gun Safe That People Prefer

Possessing a gun requires you to install a gun safe which will ensure its safety. Guns can be improperly handled by children, visitors, and unintended users. At the same time, they are always top targets among burglars. While you try to ensure the safety of your gun from unintended access, it is also important to emphasize on its usage. Thus, while considering buying a gun safe, be sure to buy one that can be installed in a place which will ensure quick access and one that is easy to operate. This will increase your chances of security at home and outside home in the public places.

What are the Best Brands of Gun Safe the People Prefer?

There are several brands of gun safe in the market. These gun safes have different installation methods as well as usage. Therefore, individuals have significantly preferred buying some gun safes to others. Some of the highly preferred guns include:

1) American Security (AMSEC)

Best Brands of Gun Safe That People PreferAMSEC is one of the most popular gun safe manufacturing companies which are largely known in US. The gun safes from AMSEC range from gun boxes and cabinets to in-walls and vault doors. The gun safes from this manufacturer are made from different locking mechanisms such as biometric, manual, and keypad locking mechanisms. At the same time, AMSEC makes gun safe for the storage of different guns with different sizes.

2) Browning Gun Safes

Best Brands of Gun Safe That People PreferBrowning has been in the sale of gun safes for more than 10 years today. Also, Browning is geared to integrate the latest locking mechanism technologies to ensure maximum safety of the guns. Mostly, Browning considers different factors such as susceptibility of the gun to damage by water and fire during the manufacture of a gun safe. At the same time, it considers using materials such as 18-gauge steel in order to prevent any possible burglary action or unintended handling of your gun.

3) Heritage Safe Company

Best Brands of Gun Safe That People PreferThis company conducts its gun safe sales across America. Heritage gun safes are enhanced with effective locking mechanisms using lock bolts, 18-gauge steel, and reinforced doors. Heritage gun safes are also manufactured with a high regard to fire protection using thick metal which cannot easily pass the heat or moisture in case of fire or water outbreaks.

4) Liberty Safes

Best Brands of Gun Safe That People PreferLiberty gun safes are known for their maximum security. Severally, the company has tested the effectiveness of its gun safes through dropping them to a 200ft and riding cars over them. This has instilled trust among the customers and the users.
Liberty gun safes are manufactured using metals such as aluminum and 18-gauge steel. Therefore, they are extremely hard to break unless opened or operated through their locking mechanisms.

5) Truck Vault

Truck Vault is located in Washington. The company is associated with car as well as home gun safes. Mostly, the company makes gun safes for vehicles such as pick-ups, SUVs,and trucks. Thus, it focuses on slim designs, portability, and effective locking mechanisms while making its gun safes.


It is very risky to have a gun and not own a gun safe. This makes your gun susceptible of being robbed or being handled by unintended users. This can be dangerous it is your children or any other family member or visitor who does not know how to use a gun. Thus, it is important to ensure that you buy a proper gun safe among the best brands in the market in order to protect your gun.

Does Using Ceiling Fans Save Energy

Does Using Ceiling Fans Save Energy?

Ceiling fans are necessary for the summer due to its high temperatures. They are also used in winter so as to help raise the temperature of the room. However, according to the United States Department of Energy the Energy information, administration, and the air conditioning bills account for a quarter all the energy bills. Therefore, it is necessary to understand whether ceiling fans save on energy and if not, how can they save on energy?

Ceiling Fans Energy Consumption

The fans have the capacity to save the energy bills. However, it depends on how they are used. Most people do not understand how the ceiling fans work. Therefore, they just switch them on and off for them to keep the temperatures, high or low depending on the weather. They do this without understanding how they actually work and how they can be more efficient in saving on the energy consumption.

How Does Ceiling Fan Work?

Does Using Ceiling Fans Save EnergyCeiling fans do not literally cool down the temperature of the room. They work by increasing the air circulation over the skin of the person in the room. This helps the body to be more efficient in releasing more heat through the skin resulting to one feeling cooler.

In winter, one is supposed to change the direction of the rotation of the fan. This ensures that the fan pushes the warm air downwards. This warm air comes into contact with the skin of the person in the room helping the body to conserve more heat within the body. To get more insight into what the best ceiling fans are and how to choose the correct one for your home it is important to read ceiling fan reviews and this ceilin fan comparison guide has us covered with some in depth comparison and reviews of the top rated ceiling fans available today.

This means that the ceiling fans are not useful if there is no person in the room. Therefore, to help the fans save on energy consumption, turn off the fans running in empty rooms. Only turn on the fans when you are home and using particular rooms

During summer, having the thermostat set at the normal temperature when the ceiling fans are running adds to the already high energy consumption. Therefore, during summer, set the thermostat a few degrees Celsius higher than normal. During the winter, set it a few degrees Celsius lower. This will aid to save on the energy bills by ensuring that there is no wastage of energy.

Other Facts Determining the Energy Consumption by the Ceiling Fans

Does Using Ceiling Fans Save EnergyIdeally, Ceiling fans are more effective when put at around eight feet above the floor. Also, the blades should run at around a foot from the ceiling. At this height, the fan is more effective at ensuring good air circulation at optimal energy. Therefore, if the height of the ceiling is above this, one is required to increase the speed of the fans which in turn increases the energy consumption.

It is important to note that the length of the ceiling blades also affects their energy consumption. Fans with short blades require to be run at a higher speed for effective air circulation. This results in higher energy consumption. On the other hand, fans with large blades are capable of effective air circulation at a lower speed. This results in lower energy bills.


The ceiling fans use minimal amount of energy per hour. However, if left to run all day and even in empty rooms, the cumulative energy consumed results to high bills. Therefore, take all the necessary steps to make sure that the ceiling fans serves you with minimal energy consumption.