Titanic Replica Built In China

China Building a Full Size Replica of Titanic

It was April 1912 when Titanic hit an iceberg and started sinking. It was its fourth day in the ocean after leaving Southampton for New York. The accidents remain to be one of the most dangerous in the maritime industry. It left over 1500 people dead.

Titanic was the prime ship of its time. Today a lot of people have tried to come up with a replica of the ship, but just a few of them have managed to do so. An Australian billionaire has a project undergoing of a replica of Titanic. James Cameron did for his movie titled “Titanic.” And today, China is building such a model.

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The Replica

The Titanic built by the Chinese government is the actual size of the real Titanic. In fact, the Titanic measured 882ft long and 92ft wide. These are actual measures of the real Titanic. The design of the ship will remain the same, according to the designer of the replica.

However, the ship looks on the inside will differ because they don’t have adequate information on the design of the Titanic. It’s been hundred years, and that may be quite hard to have all the details regarding the ship.

Features of the replica Titanic

Although the project aims to produce a replica of the Titanic, the features that the ship will have will differ from that of the real Titanic. Due to technological advances, this must happen. Some of the most astounding features of the ship include: the replica will be capable of simulating the iceberg collision that happened to the Titanic, the ship will also have swimming pools, a modern theater, a ballroom among other features.

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Seven Star Investment Group builds the replica. It is expected to be complete within a year, and in 2017, the replica will be launched to take its first voyage. A Hollywood designer, Curtis Schnell, was appointed to head the projected. He says that together with his team, they have tried to make replica as exact as Titanic using the limited resources they have available. The projected is estimated to cost over a billion dollar according to Seven Star Investment group.


Titanic Replica Built In China 1As soon as the news got to the public that China was building a Titanic, lot of negative critiques have arisen. Some people claims that China is building the ship as a way to seeking attention and have more and more people visit their country. The CEO of the company behind the project defended the project saying the ship represent something of general value much the same way as the US recreated the Kung Fu Panda.

People have also criticized the plan saying that it is such a disrespectful act for one to recreate a feature that took away lives of many innocent people. In response to the critics, the CEO of the company behind the project defended his company saying they are not disrespectful.


The sinking Titanic was a huge disastrous accident to occur back in the time. Although Tsunami and other natural calamities haven take away lives of many, none of the physical features that led to such a massive killing as it did. The event was recorded in the book of history, and many people are trying to recreate the ship so as to make the story more realistic. Various projects were started to create a Titanic replica, but only a few succeeded. China is working to be among the Titanic replica projects to be successful, and this will be proven in the year 2017.

Attractions of the World Where You Need a Telescope

10 Attractions of the World Where You Need a Telescope

There are many natural attractions and wonders in the world. However, there are some spectacular sceneries which can not be fully enjoyed without the help of a telescope. These might be natural sceneries or occurrences or man-made. To enjoy the beauty of the details in these sites one needs a telescope for enhanced vision. Such sceneries include:

1. Grizzly Peak

Attractions of the World Where You Need a TelescopeThis beautiful peak is located in the Berkeley Hills, California. It stands at an elevation of 1,758 ft above sea level. The grizzly peak has been ranked among the top scenic views in Oakland. The high elevation makes it possible to view the beautiful sunset and the best sceneries on the bay. A telescope helps one to view the sites better with the ability to see the minute details.

2. Claremont Canyon Regional Preserve

Attractions of the World Where You Need a TelescopeThis site is perfect for outdoors activities such as hiking, rock climbing, and site seeing. The view from the top is just magnificent. One can use a telescope to see places like the Alcatraz, golden gate bridge and the bay. One can also see the Berkeley’s Sather tower, the Albany hills, and the Marin hills. It is located in the of Oakland, California.

3. Ngorongoro Crater Wildlife Lodge

Attractions of the World Where You Need a TelescopeThis wildlife attraction site is located in Tanzania. This area was originally connected with the famous Serengeti National Park However, it was later set apart to be managed by the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority. The crater sinks to a depth of 610 meters and has a width of approximately 260 Kilometers squared. For one to enjoy the site of the wild animals and the stretch down the crater one can use a telescope.

4. Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve

Attractions of the World Where You Need a TelescopeThis Regional Preserve is located in the Berkeley Hills, Alamenda County,California. It stands at an elevation of 1,761 feet above sea level and is an extinct volcano. The park has cool walking trails with some of the most amazing scenic views. For better siting of the far off sceneries, visitors use the telescopes.

5. Menengai Crater

Attractions of the World Where You Need a TelescopeThis magnificent natural feature is found in Kenya. It is located in the famous Rift Valley, which also has a lot of other great attractions. The crater highest point is at 7,474feet. This is arguably one of the biggest calderas in the whole world. It is said that, other than being massive, it is one of the best-preserved calderas in the world. It is possible to enjoy the site without a telescope. However, with one, one can be able to enjoy all the details of the mysterious crater.

6. Namib Desert

Attractions of the World Where You Need a TelescopeTo most of the celestial geeks, this desert in Namibia. Due to its conducive environment and it’s clear sky views, tourist has he most amazing sky views using their telescopes.

7. Northern Lights in Iceland

Attractions of the World Where You Need a TelescopeThe beautify aurora activities are visible in the sparsely populated Iceland from the month of September to mid-April. They are visible at night, especially when the skies are clear. During summer, it is difficult to see them due to the bright light. A few minutes drive room the city of Reykjavik, one can clearly see them.

8. The Peak

Attractions of the World Where You Need a TelescopeThe peak is one of the major attraction sites in Hong Kong. It is built in a postmodern architectural style in such a way that it has a large viewing base. From the base, one can use their telescope to see the beautiful city and all its wonderful skyscrapers.

9. Burj Kalifa

Attractions of the World Where You Need a TelescopeThis is one of the tallest buildings in the world. Located in Dubai with its tip at 828m. The building provides and observatory at level 148 (584.5m). This building also provides the tourists with the unique opportunity to have a view of the world below with a telescope from the top floors.

10. Shaw Lake Dark Site

This site is located in London. It has been identified as one of the most conducive places where tourist can view the skies with their own telescopes. This site attracts a lot of tourists who want to get away from the glaring city lights for a perfect view.


A telescope is very important in making you breath in the wonders and natural attraction sites in the world. Such an experience is not only enjoyable but also memorable.

How to Plan Golden Circle Late Afternoon Tour

How to Plan Golden Circle Late Afternoon Tour?

Golden Circle in Reykjavik, Iceland has numerous tourist attraction sites. The area attracts many visitors from across the world especially in the summer. Preferably, visitors consider visiting the Golden Circle during the afternoons in order to have a clear view of the sites in the area without fog and mist.
Some of the most popular attraction sites in Golden Circle, Reykjavik include: Faxi and Gullfoss waterfall, Geysir geothermal area and Þingvellir National Park, Thingvellir National Park, and the Geysir.

Planning Golden Circle Late Afternoon Tour

In order to achieve the best out of your late afternoon tour to the Golden Circle, you need to plan adequately for it. This plan should encompass every person and everything to be used in the trip. The following are some useful tips for the Golden Circle late afternoon tour plan. IcelandBuddy has some valuable advice on how to plan your golden circle trip and say that you should do some background on the best Golden Circle Tours and have a reservation set up before you arrive.

1) Plan Your Tour during the Summer

How to Plan Golden Circle Late Afternoon TourIceland is among the polar countries. Thus, the country has extreme weathers with extremely low temperatures during the winter. Therefore, if you are planning to visit Golden Circle in Reykjavik, Iceland, you should consider summer seasons.

During the summer, there are fewer cases of fog and mist in the Golden Circle especially in the late afternoons. Therefore, this allows you to enjoy your tour without limitation of the viewing area.

2) Book the Afternoon Bus Tours

Mostly, the bus meant for afternoon trips are usually booked in advance. Therefore, you might find it hard to get a space not unless you book prior to going to Reykjavik. Afternoon bus tours trips to areas such as Geysir geothermal area and Gullfoss and the famous Thingvellir National Park.

Here, you have a chance to view the geothermal space with sprouting warm springs. The springs’ water sprouts from the ground rising up to a high height in the atmosphere. At the Thingvellir National Park, you have a chance to see over 170 plant species and different types of fish and animals.

3) Make Cost Plans

How to Plan Golden Circle Late Afternoon TourDifferent areas visited in the Golden Circle area charge differently. At the same time, the charges are different for different people visiting the area. If you are planning to visit the place with your family, you should make different cost plans to include every member. The following is a summary of prices:

a) Adults (18 and above years): € 77,87

b) Youth (12-17 years): € 38,93

c) Children (1-11 years): Free

d) Infants: Not Applicable

These charges apply to trips taken to Þingvellir National Park, Gullfoss waterfall, and Geysir hot spring areas.

4) Plan for the Meals

How to Plan Golden Circle Late Afternoon TourNormally, the tips offered by the buses or hotels’ pick-ups do not include lunch and refreshments. Whether you are alone or with your family, you need to plan for the meals that you will take during the tour.

As you stand besides the famous waterfalls of Gullfoss, you will enjoy watching the natural sites while taking refreshments and some snacks. This will keep you and your family going before your trip is over. At the end of the day/trip, you may proceed to take other meals at the Reykjavik hotels or restaurants.


Golden Circle region is one of the most visited areas in Reykjavik, Iceland. The region has a rich source of tourist experience based on the natural sites available. Preferably, you may consider taking your Golden Circle tour in the summers and in the late afternoons for a better and a more clear view in the polar region.