Mortgage Loan Calculator – Finance your dream home

The first important decisions have been made: If the determination to realize the dream of your own home, is set and there is already a suitable commercial real estate or a construction project for your own home, the financing option must be scheduled.

Prudent financing planning


Because of the large loan amounts and the very short repayment period, a well-founded and prudent financing planning before closing a building loan is approaching and going through.

So that you can look for a suitable and cost-effective mortgage for your own house, you should first determine what funding needs.

The sum of the construction loan


The sum of money that results from this simple calculation corresponds to the sum of the construction loan, which is to be taken up by a house bank. After determining the amount for a real estate loan, the second step determines how long it takes to reimburse the total amount in small installments to the house bank.

The so-called construction financing term is determined by how high the mortgage lending is and how much the borrower receives each day in comparison to the drawn loan amount to the house bank.

The quickest and easiest way to calculate the financial flexibility for the monthly installment of the loan through a household calculator – this calculator makes it clear how much the borrower is available every day in the calendar month for the loan repayment.

How can you take for the loan installment? Subsequently, within a few seconds, the monthly maximum rate for the repayment of the building loan is calculated.

The maximum rate for the corresponding construction loan


When selecting the maximum rate for the corresponding construction loan, it must be ensured that the monthly amount to be paid can easily be transferred to the house bank at any time.

Among other things, this may mean that the house bank demands dunning fees for this delay and that they are required to pay the fees on the annual accounts. install.

Therefore, it is necessary to truthfully fill the individual fields in the calculator – false information would help to ensure that the best mortgage for the client concerned is not determined.