Six Ways a Trump Presidency Expected to Change the World

Six Ways a Trump Presidency Expected to Change the World

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Donald Trump is now the president elect after the highly contested presidential elections. The campaign time is over now. America and the world are waiting to see what unfolds in his presidency. trying to see what changes to expect with a Trump Presidency. This is based on the issues he expressed during the presidential debates and during the campaign period.

1. Climate Change

Six Ways a Trump Presidency Expected to Change the WorldMr. Trump explicitly expressed his opposition to the Obama’s Clean Power Plan. He also said that he believed that Climate Change is a hoax and threatened to pull out of the Paris Climate Deal which was the first international treaty to address the issue of climate change. In addition to that, he had threatened to lift the regulations on oil and coal.This, he said, is hurting the economy of the US.

During the recent interviews ,the president elect has expressed a softer approach to issue on climate change. During an interview with a Times columnist, Mr Trump alluded that he is maintaining “an open mind” on the issue about the Paris Climate Change Agreement. Therefore, moving forward, it is expected to be seen what the president elect will actually do with the climate change issue.

2. Trade

Six Ways a Trump Presidency Expected to Change the WorldMr Trump enlisted a seven point plan to rebuild the Economy of United States. In the plan, he pointed out that he would renegotiate with NAFTA partners with the intent to impose import taxes on Mexico and China. His goal, he said, would be to increase the jobs in America by ensuring that products are manufactured in America.

This echoes a sanction by George W Bush in 2002. He increased the tariffs on imported steel with similar intentions. Instead, the U.S. steel producers took advantage raising their prices due to the increased demand. This resulted in higher steel prices and losses of thousand of jobs. Therefore, Mr. Trumps intentions might lead to similar events if implemented.

3. Trade Barriers

According to a China professor named Zhou Nianli, If Mr. Trump implemented the trade tariffs, China might create trade barriers for America. This could lead to a challenge in American companies investing in China. It could also make it difficult for some U.S companies which get their raw materials exclusively from China. This might result in job loss to many Americans. Even worse, it could lead to diplomatic issues between the two powerful nations.

4. North Korea Nuclear Program

Six Ways a Trump Presidency Expected to Change the WorldChina has been instrumental in assisting the U.S in its quest to contain North Korea in its nuclear projects. It is also very instrumental in helping U.S implement certain policies in the Middle East. These activities have been possible due to the mutual relationship between the two nations in the past. With a Trump Presidency, the relationship risks becoming poor if the trade tariffs are implemented.


During his campaign, Mr Trump expressed his dissatisfaction with NATO. He threatened to pull out of the agreement and leave the NATO allies to defend for themselves. He proposed that the allies must increase their commitment to the agreement . This is by at least paying up to 2% for the defense.

6. Better Relations With Russia

Six Ways a Trump Presidency Expected to Change the WorldDuring the Obama presidency, the US experienced a lukewarm relationship with the Russian government. However, this is expected to change with the seemingly mutual admiration between the two leaders. The president elect expressed his appreciation for the Russian president, which was met with a similar response from the president.


Since being declared the president elect, Mr Trump has adopted a softer tone. This might see a change in his aggressiveness to implement some of the points he had proposed earlier. However, all is about to be seen after his inauguration in January.

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