What Does Stephen Hawking Say about Planet

What Does Stephen Hawking Say about Planet?

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Stephen Hawking is one of the most successful theological physicists in the world today. He is also an author and a director of a Research Center for Theoretical Cosmology at Cambridge University. He rose to fame after he published a book “Brief History of Time’ in 1988.

Throughout his career, Hawking has been able to explain a lot of things about the universe; this has made him more authoritative on answering questions about the universe. Just recently, Hawking made headlines after he said that the human race has only a 1000 year left on earth. This article contains some of the issues that may lead to the extinction of human race according to Hawking.

Nuclear Energy and Weapons

What Does Stephen Hawking Say about PlanetAccording to Hawking, one of the things that may lead to the demise of the human race is nuclear weapons. A human can never take full control over them; but when they backfire, it can be a disaster to us. Technological advancements have contributed to the bred of more complex nuclear weapons; it has also helped human to “effectively’ utilize the nuclear power. Today, we have more and more nuclear power plants set up. According to Hawking, humans concentrate on the advantages of the technological advancements and failing to look on the negative side.

The Global Warming

Stephen Hawking believes that the gradual changes in the world’s temperature can also culminate into the end of the human race. It is not yet proven that the humans are the primary causes of the global warming, but there are a couple of facts that show how the world temperature have changed since the beginning of industrialization.

Hawking believes that with time, the earth will be just like planet Venus where average temperatures are 250 degrees Celsius, and it rains sulphuric acid. This is yet to happen with time. According to NASA temperature data, the earth is getting warmer every day. If earth turns out to be like Venus, it will be hard for the human race to survive the conditions.

Artificial Intelligence

What Does Stephen Hawking Say about PlanetAnother key factor that may contribute to the extinction of human race is Artificial intelligence. Hawking believes that that people may develop robot creatures that may outdo them. He gave an example of today; robots have taken away jobs of people in some industry and especially in the digital industry where the big farms just have a little number of employees compared to the past, the revenue and they are making and the customers they are reaching globally. Robots which are capable of thinking as man is under development and their performance are unpredictable.

Man-made viruses

In the world today, research on genes and how to heal diseases have become so common. People are even trying to make their viruses using genes. Most of all this is done for good reasons. The worst part about it is that people don’t fully understand how genes work. These projects may end up giving rise to untreated disease which may be a threat to the world’s population. Hawking has warned people about the projects, and if they don’t take the warning seriously, it will lead to the extinction of humanity in the universe.


According to Stephen Hawking, humans are also an endangered species. They are the cause of all these problems. He estimates that if human continues to do whatever they are doing now, they won’t exist on planet earth in thousands of years to come. The earth will be inhabitable; it will be just like Venus. Global warming, artificial intelligence, Human-made viruses and nuclear energy being the main causes.

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