Trump Nominates Gen James Mattis As Defence Secretary

Trump Nominates Gen James Mattis As Defence Secretary

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Just recently, President-elect Donald Trump launched a tour dubbed “thank you” to thank the Americans for voting him as the president. On the first day of the tour, Trump discussed lots of issues in his speech. One of the key issues that took attention of most people is nomination of General “Mad Dog’ Mattis for the defense secretary position.

Mattis is regarded as the closest substitution of General George Patton who served as the general during the World War II. Trump had made other nominations of his Pentagon team before he announced about the General Mattis.

About Mattis

Trump Nominates Gen James Mattis As Defence SecretaryJames Mattis is a 66-year-old retired mariner. He acquired the name “Mad Dog’ after successfully leading troops to war in the Persian Gulf in the year 1991. Mattis has also lead troops to Afghanistan and Iraq in early 2000.

He holds a record of winning battles and this one of the key things that make him suitable for the Secretary of Defense position. In the year 2004, he led the American and British troops to Fallujah war in Iraq, and they won. Trump believes that Mattis is the best candidate for the position. They had met earlier in a hotel, but no one revealed what they discussed until the rally in Ohio.

Mattis History

Mattis has served in the American Military for the last 44 years. In the year 2010, he was promoted from being a general to become the US Central Command. While serving the position, he was responsible for US forces in the Middle-East. Mattis was also a big critic of the Iran Nuclear deal for the period he served as US Central Command during the Obama era i.e. from 2010 to 2013. Mattis gave away his job as the US Central Command after he was fired by Obama.

Is General Mattis Eligible for the Role?

Trump Nominates Gen James Mattis As Defence SecretaryAfter Trump nominated General Mattis to be the Secretary of Defense, that doesn’t mean that he must take the position. For one to take the position, he/he must meet all the legal requirements. It can be a major setback for General Mattis.

One of the US legal obligations of a retired officer to serve as the defense secretary, he/she must be out of uniform for a minimum period of seven years. Mattis doesn’t meet this legal requirement. For him to take the position, Republican-controlled Congress needs to favor the legislation. It’s getting quite hard for Mattis to take the job since a Democratic Senator from New York, Kristen Gillibrand said she couldn’t vote an exception to the rule.

Mattis career in the military has been successful, and he was able to keep good relationships with others. He has managed to get support from the military, and this has increased his chances of becoming the next Secretary of Defense.


Out of all people, Trump has nominated to be a part of his Pentagon team; most people have accepted General Mattis. He suits the positions, judging from career history and involvement in country’s security. His nomination announcement was a surprise although there were rumors that he would be nominated for the position. Although he doesn’t meet all the legal requirements, still he can become the Secretary of Defense if he gets approval from the Congress. Mattis is expected to take over the office after the Inauguration of Donald Trump.

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